Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am Hazlin from Malaysia. This website is created to increase knowledge and empower women about finance and business. I am an entrepreneur and own a small conventional business. Conventional meaning owning a small shop where I set up my business. I am still learning and am not an expert in business and finance. My vision for this site is for us to help each other in sharing information and knowledge in this field.

I have been reading and searching the web on online business for some time, without getting much insight. I have downloaded several e-books on hows and dos and donts. Still, I was not getting anywhere.

 Recently, I attended a free business seminar. Although it was free, meaning the speakers shared their basic secrets to success (outline of their paid seminars), it was a real eye opener. They had the package, the whole system and they were impressive. The most important thing I learnt that day was that, success never comes easy. You have to work hard but smart for it. The secret lies in US, ourselves. 

How many of you have read loads of books and attended a lot of seminars on business(seminar junkies)? And still have done nothing?

The basis to any success still lies in us actually getting up and doing it. That's the starting point.
We may face many hurdles and make mistakes, but at least we are learning from them.

Join me and let's begin today!
Thank you for visiting this site.

Your sincerely,

Hazlin Hussain

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